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October 11, 2006


Alejo Accini

The Sandman is definitely one of my all time favourite stopmo films: short, simple, silent and scary as hell...you can't get any better than that

Ben from OfftheShelf Productions

I love Paul Berrys Work and just recently I have set up my own online tribute see it here at:



Wow, Ben! That's incredible! I'm gonna link to that on my blog. Thank you for putting that together.

~ Mike

Shelley Noble

HI dear Phil, you know...

you only have 14 more years to get this Henry and Martha project started before I can start to judge you!

How are things your end?


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Bradford Animation Festival and Kerry Drumm have laid on a special tribute to the work of the late, great, stop motion animator/director Paul Berry.

Paul's phenomenal work inspired many now working within the industry to pursue a career in animation.

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