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June 07, 2006


Jeffrey Roche

Great post! One of the reasons I was drawn to stop-mo in the first place was the fact that I had everything I needed to do it. A camera, a computer, and vision. Love the little mummy, and the clip too! Thanks!

Phil Dale

Thanks Jeffery, glad you found it interesting.

Shelley Noble

Sweet day in the morning!!! Phil, This couldn't be more thrilling. Thank you for taking the time to post this detailed instruction. It couldn't be more informative, relevant, and timely. I probably would have needed smelling salts if I had been at this talk so it's even better to hear about it this way!

Even the mummy's bow is completely masterful. I can really see the difference between your work and others.

I guess that after such familiarity with animating, you have no need for an onion-skinning feature of a frame-grabbing software, like Framethief?

Thank you so much!!!

Alejo Accini

Hey Phil!
Yeah thanks a lot for sharing this! I've seen before your mummy character and it's really wonderful!
And Shelley is right, you can even see your skills in lil' clips like that one, and it's great!

See ya


Nice one Phil, really interesting! I invested in a new super duper camera in Oz last year with the intent to film with it, now I am inspired, cheers!

Just returned from Annecy, managed to get into the Tim Burton Q&A and he hinted that he is in developement for a new stop-mo but he stressed its very, very early days!

Phil Dale

Ah thanks guys!
Masterful? Well practiced maybe.

Shelley Noble

A gift is a gift, practiced or not. :^)

"If a computer is just another medium, it will not permit artists to create works of equal aesthetic value, because a tool is not a creator." --Gartel

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