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August 21, 2006


Lulu Tzeng

Dear Phil,

You have a big dream,right? So, don't give up! I like your works very much and always support you! Now i am doing the questionary and see you in the future soon!


Phil Dale

Hi Lulu,

Thank you for your support. I'll be sending my answers back soon.


Jeffrey 'ubatuber' Roche

Hey, glad to see you've been busy! I hadn't seen the "TREE" blog, thanks for posting the link, it looks fantastic! We have tons of great oaks here in NOLA, I'll be sure to send along a pic for the gallery :)

Alejo Accini

Hey Phil!
Don't worry man! Keep working and whenever it's possible give us something to have fun with :D
Those little clips like the mummy one usually make my day :)

By the way...have you got any plans for that puppet? I really really like it, it's so cartoony I love it!

See ya,

Phil Dale

Hi guys thanks for your encouragement.

The mummy does have plans, but he is standing in line at the moment waiting for his name to be called.

Shelley Noble

You are in demand for good reason, Phil. Grab that big money and then come to Martha and Henry when you retire at 31? From my lamentable experience, projects will wait for-sweetfrig-ever. We'll all happily wait.

I've been meaning to ask you, regarding the liquid-like perfection of the Corpse Bride puppets... how was the experience of working with them for you, as opposed to animating with less smooth and fluid control? (If an answer to such a question wouldn't compromise any work relationships that is.)

Phil Dale

31? Been there, done that a few years ago!

Shelley Noble

Really? All you youngsters like about 28 to me!

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