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September 16, 2006


Shelley Noble

Great find, Phil. I never ran across this fellow. I just posted about automata too, without seeing this post.

Paul and I are mad for it too. He just came home with a few Timber Kits to build as a hobby.

(I bet I just figured out what happens in Henry and Martha. Very clever and original, if I'm right.) Can't wait to see it!

Phil Dale

My good friend Andy Gent designs and makes his own automatons, when he has the time.
I love them.

Yeah, the clockwork clone title is a bit to suggestive, giving away some of the storys suprise.

Jeffrey 'ubatuber' Roche

"Clockwork Clone", eh? :D Sounds great, I'll take one!


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Automata's and clockwork toys have always fascinated me, and they play a big part in the story of Henry and Martha. In fact an alternative title for the film might be The clockwork clone. Anyway just saw this piece on automata maker Ernie Fosselius at Rocketboom and thought I'd share


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